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Google Index as world heritage

Pre­sen­ta­tion at Lift 09, 18 – 20/​06/​2009, Marseille

Hello eve­ry­body. I have got 5 minutes to trig­ger a revo­lu­tion, right now, and right here, in Mar­seille ! Not easy ! But I’ll do my best.


Ok. To begin, here’s a small Goo­glo­gra­phy ; this is the result of a search on ‘Google” key­word on Ama​zon​.com.

After rea­ding all theses books and maga­zine, it’s clear that Google scares most of us.

Is Google Evil ?

So the ques­tion is : Is Google evil ?
Because, for many people, Google repre­sents a threat to inno­va­tion, pri­vacy, right to obli­vion, plu­ra­lism, com­pe­ti­tion, the book, the press, culture… and even intel­li­gence. So, appa­rently, the ans­wer is : yes, it is.

Google is Evil


Can’t help using it…

Yet we use more and more ser­vices offe­red by Google :

-Google search to find infor­ma­tion

- Google map to find our way

- Google calen­dar to remind our rendez-​vous

- Gmail and Google talk to com­mu­ni­cate

- Blog­ger to blog

- Picasa to store images

- Google docs to write

- Google books to read

- Google trans­late to read in other lan­guages, and so on,

- not tal­king of Google Adsense and Adwords.

All in all, we can’t help using it.

We can not do without Google and its index, for pre­ci­sely its abi­lity to build rela­tion­ships in a conti­nuous mass of infor­ma­tion that far exceeds our cog­ni­tive capa­city. Google is now the indis­pen­sable Sibylla of our lives, and right now we can­not stop that. So to speak about our rela­tion­ships with Google, I would say that it is a mat­ter of love and hate

Google & us : Love and hate

We love and hate Google alto­ge­ther, as we love and hate our­selves, because Google index is part of us. How that ? First, because our life is “googlized”.

Our life is Googlized

Every moment of our life is lin­ked in a way or ano­ther with Google ; such as, in this example, even our car acci­dents are recor­ded in Google street view. But if our life is goo­gli­zed, it means also that Google is, in some way “enli­ve­ned” by us.

Gin­dex is fed by our lives

And in fact, Google index is fed with our lives. it is fed with

-our words

- our links

- our deci­sions

- our images

- memo­ries

- choices

- and taste !

So, in a way, Google index is also our index, because eve­ry­thing that is inside of it, belongs to us.

So my dear fel­low goo­gli­zen, my dear fel­low humans, Let’s unite to
Reclaim the Google index !

Reclaim the Google index

Because it is our index. At least partly, because the content is ours.
And I won’t deny that it is partly Google Inc. pro­perty too, as the manu­fac­tu­rer and ope­ra­tor of the index. But it’s partly ours as well, and that is a very impor­tant point to make.

The­re­fore, may be we can begin to consi­der the Google index as a com­mon good sha­red bet­ween Google and all the mankind.

Gin­dex as a com­mon good

It is a lit­tle bit like this bus. Ima­gine Gin­dex is the bus, we are the users inside, on top, eve­ryw­here, and Google is the dri­ver. (and by the way, nobody knows where we go).

May be we should now begin to consi­der it as a com­mon good of man­kind, just like this bus is a com­mon good for these people. If we do that ; if you agree with me so far, then we need a gover­nance device for this com­mon index. And it seems to me, that UNESCO World heri­tage is an inter­es­ting lead to explore.

Google as World heritage

This is a pre­sen­ta­tion of World heri­tage from UNESCO web­site. It reads :
« Heri­tage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future gene­ra­tions. What makes the concept of World Heri­tage excep­tio­nal is its uni­ver­sal appli­ca­tion. World Heri­tage sites belong to all the peoples of the world, irres­pec­tive of the ter­ri­tory on which they are located. »

Well, this is a per­fect defi­ni­tion for Google index, don’t you think ?
In fact, it is only if you think about the word “site” with a dif­ferent mea­ning
Not as a phy­si­cal site, but as a cybers­pace, an inter­net “site”. So when we think about World heri­tage today, we think to this :


And may be, tomor­row, when we’ll think about World heri­tage, we’ll think to that :

« Tomor­row »

(this is a Google data­cen­ter in Nether­lands). That’s a huge pro­gress, isn’t it !

In fact, the buil­ding is not impor­tant ; it’s what is inside the buil­ding, or more accu­ra­tely inside and elsew­here in the cybers­pace that is impor­tant.
And I think we des­pe­ra­tely need to get back our power and control back on this pecu­liar cybers­pace “site”, the Google index.

« Thank you ! »

(Spe­cial thanks to Marin for coa­ching and live blog­ging, and to Hubert for chee­ring and invi­ta­tion to Lift) !